August 9 for Litquake in San Francisco w/ Chiyuma Elliott, Robert Andrew Perez & John Shoptaw – details here

August 20 in San Francisco w/ Cindy Arrieu-King – details here

October 13 for PLACE TALKS at the Prelinger Library – details here 

November 18 at Emory University for Literature is Alive – details here

December 2 at Cleveland State University w/Hilary Plum - details here

December 5 Quiet Lightning Seven Year Anniversary show -  details here


March 4 for Sponge in Oakland w/Alan Bernheimer + Brandon Brown - details here

April 16 Rituals Adjacent to Trump w/ Liat Berdugo -- details here

April 29 Lone Glen presents the Bay Area Correspondence school - details here

June 10 at Small Press Traffic's Endless Summer




July 30-31 Writing Retreat on the Russian River (full)

September 7 Harvesting for Fall: A Creative Writing Workshop at Homestead Apothecary w/ Tessa Micaela – details here

November 9 Introduction to Fermented Pickles – details here

December 9 - 11 Creative Writing Retreat at the Russian River – FULL


January 3-21 Generative Writing (online) for Mount Holyoke College – details and registration here

February 11 Blank Slate and Blank Page: a one-day generative writing workshop at The Writing Salon - details and registration here

March 9 Wholly writing: a workshop in devotion at Art House Gallery in Berkeley - details here 

March 14 Writing + resistance: a home-based workshop - email for details

March 29 Writing into the fragments -- an evening workshop in San Francisco

April 18 – May 16 (5 Tuesdays) Raw Writing - details here

April 21-23 Writing + Resistance (weekend retreat) - full

June 2017 Introduction to Creative Writing (online) for Mount Holyoke College – details coming soon

July 2017 Generative Writing (online) for Mount Holyoke College – details coming soon

If you'd like to bring me to your school, home or community organization for workshops on writing or homesteading skills, please get in touch.

Past Workshops & Retreats include

Introduction to Creative Writing
Introduction to Poetry
Generative Writing
Writing + Resistance
Poetry and Somatic Magic
Somatic rituals for writing
Writing and contemplative practice
The lyric essay
Politics and Poetry
Introduction to creative nonfiction
Correspondence as literary form
Jumpstart your journal

Introduction to fermentation
Introduction to food preservation
Basic water bath canning
Mead making
Jams + marmalades
Introduction to mustard
Preserving in honey
Quick pickles
Homemade perfumes + anointing scents
Homemade cleaning spray + air fresheners
Homemade hair products