The Raw Room

Social practice project + artist residency, 2017-present.
With Josh Finn.

The Raw Room is an experiment in hosting and guesting as creative practice, in the form of a room in a home available to visiting artists, writers, activists and other passing-through-people as a kind of artist residency in Oakland. Stays in the Raw Room begin with a custom-blended tea ritual based on the needs of the visitor, and end with a proposal. See here for more information, and to propose a stay. 

Rituals Adjacent to Capitalism

Social practice project, 2016-present.
With artist Liat Berdugo.

Rituals Adjacent to Capitalism offer somatic instructions to solve problems of contemporary life, and challenge participants to examine indirect and non-monetary driven solutions to everyday problems. Recent iterations on this project include Rituals Adjacent to Trump, performed at B4BEL4B Gallery, Rituals for Removing Creative Blocks performed at EM Wolfman New Life Quarterly Bookstore in Oakland, and Rituals for Removing Creative Blocks (pdf), published in collaboration with Anxious to Make. Copies of Rituals for Removing Creative Blocks (the Book) are available at EM Wolfman Books in Oakland.

The rituals -- available as a live, interactive performance and as limited-edition chapbooks -- broaden an understanding of creative “results,” “ends and means,” and the idea of a muse / magic as relates to creative labor. Rituals have been performed at / in partnership with private homes, 100 Days Action, and galleries. The project was recently awarded a 2017 MADE Award from Emerging Arts Professionals, and included in the Arte Útil archive online and at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. 

Let's Talk

Conversation & performance series, 2016-present.
With filmmaker Ellie Lobovits.


Let’s Talk is a curated conversation series that explores and amplifies collaboration through a feminist lens. Each event features a conversation between two feminist / female-identified artists who work collaboratively or whose work is in dialogue. Each conversation is at once a live collaborative work and an honest reckoning with the resources and challenges that arise in collaboration. Let's Talk takes distinct shapes in a variety of physical spaces, from backyard bonfires to formal art galleries, and each shape emphasizes in different ways the role of intimacy and relationship in creative work.

Let’s Talk is currently in residence at ProArts Gallery in Oakland, California, with events upcoming on September 14, October 19, and November 16. Sign up for updates here.

The Bureau

Social practice collective, 2014-2015.
With Liat BerdugoJosh Finn, and Shawn Manchester..

The Bureau is a collective based in Oakland and Berkeley, California. We commit ourselves to the creation of projects, works, spaces, events, and systems that challenge traditional consumerist approaches to living and making art. Our projects include toothpaste-sharing and a coworking space in Ikea.

Manifesto, videos and more at our website.

Spoke Too Soon:
A Journal of the Longer

Journal of long-form poetry, 2013-2016.
With Kelin Loe.

Spoke Too Soon: A Journal of the Longer is a digital magazine of long-form poetry in it for the big stuff, the spoken, and the conversation. Spoke Too Soon features just a few longer poems at a time, and features curated audio and close readings of those poems.

Past issues and details at our website.